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This Blog is for Students, Alumni and Fans of the State University located in Pullman, WA that are excited about the upcoming 2012 season and are embracing our new Head Football Coach Mike Leach. And by Fans I am also including the amazing Team Leach Fans from Texas Tech!

When he learned that a pirate ship was a functional democracy; that pirates disciplined themselves; that, loathed by others, they nevertheless found ways to work together, the pirate ship became a metaphor for his football team.
(excerpt from Michael Lewis of the New York Times)

We are Pirates of the Palouse.



10 thoughts on “About us

  1. Jerry Forburger

    Congrats WSU. Ya’ll are gonna like your new coach. Mikey was made to walk the plank here in LubbICK but that’s all in the past. I’m proud to be a new WSU fan. By the way, what’s a Palouse?

  2. Great site Erik! Pirates of the Palouse is exploding! Some exciting times are in store for Coug fans. Those of us who have been watching Mike for the last decade can’t help being excited for Cougar Nation. I’m doing a lot of reading now about the history of WSU and the football rivalry with those Dawgs. It seems to me, that the playing field is getting some parity with the money going into the program and that the Apple Cup will mean a lot more to Coug fans in coming years. As an Air Raid addict, I’ve missed seeing Mike on the sidelines for a couple of seasons, so I am really looking forward to next season as a newly received Coug fan. Go Cougars!

  3. Stiffmiester

    Glad to see another quality Coug Blog. As if I don’t waste enough of my work day reading up on my Cougs! GO COUGS! AARRRRRG!

  4. Juan Fitz

    I have become a fan of WASU Football. Definitely want the apparrell featuring the Pirate. Good luck Cougs, I am a follower and now a fan.

    • Dustin

      Good deal Juan! I think I speak for Coug nation when we say the more the merrier! Hopefully they won’t dissappoint in the first game out. Just a heads up though it is “Wazzu” not “WASU” friend ;). Yar!

  5. Holly

    I am a lifelong coug fan, grew up in the Palouse and I come back periodically for football games. I am moving across the country to North Carolina and need to take some coug gear with me to represent…Do you know where I could find some merchandise with the crossed swords and WAZZU logo on it? Any info would be appreciated! I think this blog is great and I love that you are representing the Palouse!


    • Erik Hill

      Hi Holly,

      Thanks for your email and for reading the blog! I am sorry, however the cross swords paired with the WAZZU logo is not recognized by the University and they will not legally allow the pirate theme to be paired with their brand. That being said I can’t recommend anywhere to get that shirt.

      Have a great trip to North Carolina. It is a great place.

      All the best,

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