Pirates of the Palouse Took Las Vegas….

It is Friday! Are you wearing your Coug gear? I am. This week’s Guest Blogger is Becky Timmons from Team Leach with her take on last weekend in Vegas.





Pirates of the Palouse Took Las Vegas….by Becky Timmons

Shortly after walking into Preston Smith International Airport in Lubbock, Texas last Friday, I got my first
Go Cougs! from someone who was on the flight with me to Las Vegas. That was the first of the many I
would receive, continuing when I hit the ground in Las Vegas.

We checked in to our hotel and headed straight for the tailgate party sporting our Team Leach and WSU
Coug gear, and were welcomed with open arms. The excitement there was incredible. Being former
students of Texas Tech, you can imagine our surprise to see Bill Moos there. I already liked him very
much, but he earned another point in my book that evening.

As the game started, the first thing I noticed was that the stands on the visitors’ side were packed…filled
with the Cougar faithful….while the stands on the home side were sparsely populated. We even
saw swords and one guy with an eye patch. I’m just sorry we missed the decked out pirate with the
CJK5H sign because I would have loved to shake that person’s hand. I would be anxious to hear what
Coach Leach thought about the crowd that night as he considers the fans a very important part of the
big picture. No first down went unannounced as the crowd spontaneously broke into a rendition of
Glenn Johnson’s “And that’s another Cougar first down!” We spoke with many people who seemed
a little surprised that we would travel from Lubbock to see a WSU game. I imagine most will come to
understand that a little better in the months ahead. I mean, why wouldn’t you? That was the first
evening of one fantastic weekend.

Saturday, my friend Suzy (a.k.a. The Sword Wench) and I decided to go check out The Strip and we saw
Cougars and heard “Go Cougs” often. The Cougars were on the prowl everywhere we went. We were
exhausted by the time we got back to our hotel, but more excitement was in store and I suppose our
adrenalin levels were taking care of the weariness. After a shower and a change of clothes, we were off
to Margaritaville to meet our new Coug friends.

The 12-Volt Room was already rocking when we arrived. It was great to finally meet, face to face, so
many folks that I already considered friends. It really was like a family atmosphere, everyone having a
wonderful time. The only problem…it didn’t last long enough. I’m quite sure that we could have partied
all night. The passersby down on street level had to be wondering who was having so much fun up
there, until the performance of the Fight Song. Now they knew. We sold quite a few cookbooks and
flags to benefit The Mike Leach Scholarship, even sold a flag to Tom Pounds! That was epic!

The flight home was full of folks talking about their weekend and the game…it was a direct flight to
Lubbock and there were quite a few Coach Leach/new WSU fans on it. The conversation on this end
always gets back to how he was screwed and how angry folks still are. But alas, Coach really is back on
the sidelines. I saw it myself.

Many of us would have followed wherever Coach Leach went, just because it’s so much fun. You guys
are making it incredibly enjoyable with your spirit and excitement as well as the way you have embraced
Coach, his family, and his fans from afar. Expect Team Leach members as well as fans from many other
places to be a regular presence at most every game. There are hundreds of people who have not yet
been able to attend a game, but are most definitely going to make one. You may even see alumni from
Big 12 rival schools, just because they know a good thing when they see it.

The plan is still coming together, that’s a given, but the excitement is already palpable. Keep that
excitement because I am confident that Coach will git ‘er done and it’s going to be a fantastic voyage
with the Crazy Pirate at the helm. Always remember that you are all a part of the equation in Coach’s
mind. Keep up the good work, Wave the Flag, and Swing your Swords! Oh, and Go Cougs!

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