Could History Repeat Itself? – By Tom S. Pounds

Cougariffic! That is my new word for the upcoming weekend. WSU Students, Alumni and Fans will be in Vegas for the UNLV matchup and it is going to be an awesome time. And speaking of awesome…the Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Party on Saturday night is nearly sold out! If you don’t have your tickets yet you can get them here.

Today’s guest blogger is non other than Tom S. Pounds! He founded the ‘Ol Crimson Network which is responsible for putting the Cougar flag on ESPN Game Day.  A tradition that has transcended WSU Football and become a national expectation.  ‘Ol Crimson on ESPN Game Day. He’ll also be at the party Saturday night.

The Ol’ Crimson Booster Club is always in need of funds to keep the flag flying on the College Gameday show.

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Founder of the ‘Ol Crimson Network









Could History Repeat Itself? – By Tom S. Pounds

September 28, 1991, a day I will not soon forget – a Saturday I am keen to remember now that certain Cougar forces are converging once again.  For it was on this Saturday I was in Las Vegas and witnessed Cougar legend Jason Hanson kick his record 62-yard field goal against UNLV.

In an age before streaming audio, small satellite dishes on each house, nation-wide sports access to cable, etc; being away from Pullman made it difficult to listen or watch Cougar football on a weekly basis.  1991 found me living and working as an engineer in Las Vegas so, when the Cougs scheduled UNLV you can bet I was excited to be able to see the team play, live!

In my naivety, I did not order tickets from the athletic ticket office in Pullman; instead I just showed up on game day at Sam Boyd stadium and bought some nice 45-yard-line tickets.  Once inside, it took me less than 5 minutes to figure out that the WSU section was in the south end-zone and even less time to abandon my seat so that I could be with my fellow alums and fans.  I felt welcome and at home.

By the second quarter, WSU had the game in-hand.  If I recall, the team was up by about two touchdowns and I had struck up conversations with a few Coug alums around me as the game was played.

While talking, it was almost without notice that the field goal unit had lined up to kick.  Our attention was drawn to the kick.  From the opposite end-zone we could see that the ball was on-target through the uprights but we had to wait for the signal from the referees as to whether it had the distance, or not.

From that vantage point it was hard to tell that the ball was kicked from our side of the 50, but I distinctly remember that it seemed to last an awfully long time in the air before the refs made the call.

The kick was good– another 3 points added to our soon-to-be victory.  I was proud to sing the fight song, again, with the WSU crowd.

Fifteen minutes later, halftime found me at the snack bar as the announcement came over the PA system that the NCAA record had been broken.  I remember the whole stadium cheering loudly — UNLV fans were a class act.  I realized I was part of something special.

Friday, September 14, 2012, will hold a likely opportunity for WSU to beat UNLV.  This time my ticket will be in a section with WSU alums and fans.  Maybe Andrew Furney can kick a 65-yarder and repeat history.

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