Cougar Linebackers are on the Prowl – Happy Cougmas

Happy Cougmas! I am ridiculously excited and I know I am not alone.

Chris Anderson posted a new poem on the Facebok Group Page called “Twas the Night before Cougmas”
Twas the night before Cougmas, and all through the Palouse, not a Coug was stirring, not even Bill Moos. The beer mugs hung in the Coug with care, as football season would soon be there. The Cougs were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of Roses danced in their heads. GO COUGS!

Ferhat Guven has a new post called “Superman Wears Mike Leach Pajamas.” You can find his post on Sports for Dorks (their link is on the right hand side).

How are you celebrating? Are you drinking Swashbuckler Ale? Are you eating Cougar Gold Cheese? Are you as excited as I am?!

Today we begin the festivities by presenting our Guest Blog Post a day early for Game Day and we are excited to have a Cougar Football Alum Anthony McClanahan help kick off the Cougmas Season.

See you in Vegas.

Swing’em! – Erik




Cougar Linebackers are on the Prowl:  by #41 Anthony McClanahan

It is the day before the game. After an early day walk through, I take a midday nap.  This usually helps me to clear and calm my mind.  Today though, my body won’t allow me to rest. I can’t sleep!  I keep tossing and turning and thinking, “Over Red, Mac go!”  I see the blitz designed by Coach for me; Zeus; Anthony McClanahan #41.  I see a gap blitz open so wide, a baby could have crawled through it!  I see my big heavy hands grab the QB and drive him to the turf.  I am now sweating and begin to get chills, as I hear the crowd yell, “Go Defense Go!  Go Zeus Go!”  I’m now looking up at the ceiling, as my roommate, Ron Childs is shaking me over and over, yelling, “Zeus, Zeus wake up, wake up!”

It’s only a dream. I suddenly bounce up and realize it’s only the day before the 92 Apple Cup.  It’s midday and my body is in an earth quake zone.  I’m pumped up and we still have hours and hours before the big game.  See, I’m a LB.  We have to game plan each down.  We tend to study every offensive player.  We always know their every move; from the O-line to the RBs and WRs.  We watch it all!

Let me tell you what the boys are doing right now, it is the same thing every Friday.  From the time a LB wakes up, until the time we lay down, we are going through game day situations.  All LBs do one thing the same.  It is called Preparation for Battle!  The trenches are won by the D-line.  The space behind them is OURS.  It’s usually that 5 yard space from the ball and we let nothing get behind that.  LBs are ruthless beasts that rage havoc on RB’s.  We do it with the intent to get the ball back in 3 plays.  We hit hard and swift.  Big plays can happen fast and we predicate ourselves on being great tacklers.  We are LB’s!  There is no such thing as a big play, just big hits and we are certain to put a pounding on a few offensive opponents.

“Childs, where has all the time gone?”  The sun is now going down, the walk through’s are over, and the evening meal has passed.  Our media friends have all gone back to their rooms.  No more autographs and giving “Dap to Butch.”  It is time to lay it down and count the number of big hits Ron and I will get tomorrow.  We both lie down and start a chant, “Hut 1- hut 2- hut 3,” and by the 4th hut, we are both sound asleep.  The next morning came and we all know what the outcome of the 1992 Apple cup was!!!

Well tonight, August 30th, 2012, begins a new era of Linebackers. It begins with Travis long #89, now playing Buck; Eric Oertel #21 as strong; Daren Monroe #13 as Middle; and Chester Su’a #45. Prepare for war boys!  We take no prisoners at LB.  It is all about the 3 and out.  We run sideline to sideline and seal up all gaps.  I am almost certain, that these boys have what it takes to be a 92′ hard core group of LBs.  We had a strong group of warriors back then.  Boys remember….We take no prisoners!  Give BYU hell!

See you at the top!  Zeus is loose on the Palouse!  Go Cougs!

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