Pirates of the Palouse Took Las Vegas….

It is Friday! Are you wearing your Coug gear? I am. This week’s Guest Blogger is Becky Timmons from Team Leach with her take on last weekend in Vegas. Swing’em! -Erik   ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pirates of the Palouse Took Las Vegas….by Becky Timmons Shortly after walking into Preston Smith International Airport in Lubbock, Texas last Friday, I […]

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Could History Repeat Itself? – By Tom S. Pounds

Cougariffic! That is my new word for the upcoming weekend. WSU Students, Alumni and Fans will be in Vegas for the UNLV matchup and it is going to be an awesome time. And speaking of awesome…the Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Party on Saturday night is nearly sold out! If you don’t have your tickets yet you […]

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Cougar Linebackers are on the Prowl – Happy Cougmas

Happy Cougmas! I am ridiculously excited and I know I am not alone. Chris Anderson posted a new poem on the Facebok Group Page called “Twas the Night before Cougmas” ‘Twas the night before Cougmas, and all through the Palouse, not a Coug was stirring, not even Bill Moos. The beer mugs hung in the […]

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Pirates of the Palouse and a Free Hertz Gold Card Membership!

What you are about to read is classified as awesome. We’ve been working with fellow Coug John L. Martin from the HERTZ CORPORATION and he has worked out a sweet deal and some fantastic car rental pricing for the Pirates of the Palouse. First – everyone gets a FREE HERTZ GOLD CARD MEMBERSHIP. This free […]

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BERT KLASEY is a Freelance Television Producer who works primarily in the development of new shows that will soon become a household name, like “HOARDERS.”  He is a talented professional and HE IS A COUG. Bert is also today’s Guest Blogger and for this post he interviewed non other than BILL MOOS.  It is an […]

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Damn it feels good to be a Cougar

I had coffee with another  Coug the other day. We hadn’t met in person prior to the business meeting and when we did it was like we were old friends. We had this shared but separate experience in common, something that’s difficult to explain. It is like how the Inuit people have multiple lexemes for snow or […]

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My favorite Mike Leach quote

“I still have the desire to coach, but I’m going to make sure I go back for the right reasons, which means finding a school that is committed to football, values academic excellence, and wants to work as a team so that everyone can win together.” – Mike Leach (excerpt from Swing Your Sword) Go […]

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This is OUR Thing…

In my first post on Pirates of the Palouse I said that it’s our diversity paired with our shared common purpose that gives us our strength. We’ve got a group of people from all walks of life in the PotP and they are amazing and we’ve been drawn together at this time for a reason. […]

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Pullman Insider Tips Needed

It’s been  a week and the Pirates of the Palouse Facebook Group has already grown to nearly 4,000 members. It’s been a fun ride and I am fired up for 2012. I’ve  enjoyed reading the posts from all the new and seasoned Wazzu fans and as I read I am continually reminded  of  what an […]

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A Marriage of Two Families and Pirate Blizzards from Texas.

This week I started the Pirates of the Palouse Facebook Group Page in the hope that a few WSU Cougar Nation football fans might  join me in the excitement that Coach Mike Leach is now Washington State University’s new head coach. I heard the rumors, but I really didn’t think it would happen or even […]

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